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Elkians are a closed species done by StolenByBirds and TundraLark.

Elkians are a monster elk species that live on a frozen arctic planet with the dreaded creature called the "Winter Beast." They have lore being written about them but the main bits are: They are a primitive species in which they hunt, gather, and fight for resources with a hierarchy based on strength! The server follows a specific village with a village leader known as "Styx", an elkian with a disease called "Charrion", also known as rampant decay! With your Elkians, you can do lore-based roleplays, art, and more!

Elkians are always constantly worked on with lore and new traits! We hope you decide to join the fun on our discord server! It is where we post our event updates, lore, and more. This is the best spot to be in if you wish to join our events and own an Elkian! Thank you for checking out our site!

code by @icecreampizzeria


Pride event is currently being hosted from June 5th - June 30th! Come join the Elkian server to earn prizes! :]

code by @icecreampizzeria